Saturday, March 17, 2012

Week 39

My mom came in Thursday night 3/8/12 because I was having contractions during the day but nothing happened over the weekend.  Me and mom went shopping picking up odds and ends to get ready for the baby's arrival on Friday and then Saturday we met up with Taylor and went looking for a crib.  Finally Taylor and I found a crib that we both liked and we got it.  We also got a dresser to match.  Everything was finally coming together.  We haven't set the crib up since we really don't need it yet but we did put the dresser in the room and then me and mom started filling the drawers with clothing and blankets.  Mom and I also went through the stuff again and arranged it and started organizing it.  I still feel so unorganized.

I had a scheduled doctors appointment Tuesday March 13th at 10:30 but that morning at 5:30am I was awaken with pain and more stronger contractions.  I waited to see if it was what I thought it was and the pain and pressure didn't go away.  I woke my mom up at around 6:15am and we just talked trying to figure out if we needed to call my dad and have him get started on the drive up here.  Well the contractions kept coming so we called him at around 7am.  Tried to wait as long as possible just because it was so early.  Me and mom got up and started getting things ready then at around 8:25a I called my doctors office and spoke with the answering service and they called my doctor.  My doctor called me back and had me come in as soon as possible.  When we got to the doctors office we all were expecting to hear lets go to the hospital and have this baby.  Well my blood pressure was up some but nothing to be worried about they could tell that the blood pressure was up because I was in pain.  Then I get on the scale and I lost 10lbs Woo-Hoo for that.  So then they had me give a urine sample like always and sent me into a room.  The doctor came in he checked the baby's heart and that was perfect then it was time to check to see how much I had dilated.  Well that's when he told me that my cervix hadn't dilated but 1cm so that means that I was now just at a 2cm.  We talked and he told me that I still had a ways to go and that he would see me next week.  He then also told me that he wasn't going to induce me until after my appointment next week.  I asked I thought you wanted me to get past 3/11 and that my due date was 3/17.  He then said that he would be back he was going to go read my chart to see why he told me 3/17 was my due date and also to make sure that what I wasn't dealing with an urinary track infection or any other infection.  Everything was fine he checked my urine and it was clear. I was actually not to worried because of how much water I had been drinking. And then we got to the topic of my due date yet again it had changed and it is now back to 3/26.  You could tell that I was getting so frustrated because they keep changing my due date and keep changing what they tell me from the previous appointments.  He did say that since I am having contractions that it could be any day but that day it was just a false labor.  I was so upset because I had already called my dad and had him starting the drive up here so we hurried up with scheduling next weeks appointment so that I could call him and see if he wasn't almost here and that maybe he could just turn around.  Well we were to late he was already over half way here.  But I am so glad that he came anyway just to spend time with both of them.  Mom and Dad left Wednesday 3/14 but told me to call them as soon as I feel anything.  I am so cautious to call them anymore I just want to call people when my water actually breaks now and tell them to come then.  Then I would at least not waste there time coming up here for no reason.  Labor is just so hard to pin point and it is frustrating because I want them here so bad when the baby arrives.  They both told me to not worry about the travels and that they were happy to come up here.  But I still feel bad because I feel like I wasted there time and money driving up here.

It is now just a waiting game for now.  Maybe next week we will be able to meet our new little bundle of joy.  Crossing my fingers.  I have another doctors appointment scheduled for Wednesday, March 21st so we will see if I make it till then and if so hopefully then we can schedule something.  I have made Taylor start walking with me around the neighborhood and we also went shopping to walk some more.  I am trying anything now to meet my little one.  It's the unknown that I just can't wait for anymore.  All these things are going through my mind.  I keep feeling this kiddo kick me and all I can think about now is Who will it look like?, How big is this kiddo?, Boy? or Girl?, What will it's personality be like?, and so on.  I just can't wait to finally meet my little one. 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Week 38 and still going strong

Well, Week 37 came and went and I went to the doctor Tuesday , March 6th and still nothing has changed.  I am now thinking that this kiddo is very comfortable and content and doesn't want to enter into the world.  Or it will be just like it's Daddy and late to everything.  :-)  So we are still waiting and getting more and more anxious to meet our little bundle of joy each and every day.

Work is getting harder and harder to do with this big belly of mine.  Plus I'm trying to make the schedule for next week and I don't know if I need to schedule me there or not.  Kind of up in the air right now.  I think that I am just going to schedule me to work and then if I go into labor they can work it out.  I love all my customers.  They are all very supportive and excited too.  I get asked each and every day your still here!!  Sometimes it makes me somewhat sad but I know that they are just excite to meet our little one too.  Only time will tell with this kiddo.  :-) 

I am still feeling this kiddo a lot.  Last night it felt like I it was dancing and playing soccer all at the same time.  I am hoping that since I feel a lot of movement and since i really haven't gained that much weight this last month that it means this kiddo will be small and not a 15lb baby.  But at the same time I am kind of hoping that it is at least a 50lb baby and I wont have to exercise much to loose all the baby weight.  If it was up to Taylor this kiddo would be coming out at the age of his nephew Miles is right now because he said that Miles is a cool kid and healthy and strong.  Could you imagine being pregnant carrying a one year old in your belly.  Oh my that would be miserable.  I told Taylor that baby's are not as fragile as they look and that he will be fine.  But he is just scared that he will hurt the baby because it will be so small.  So once this kiddo gets to be 6 months and is stronger I guess I loose my child to both its Daddy and Paw-Paw.  Because we already know that the grand kids are Paw-Paws once they get to be about 6 months old because then he can play with them and rough around with them and have fun with them.  My dad is such a great Paw-Paw and to see him with all the kids crawling all over him is so much fun.  But he has been that way all my life so I knew he was always going to be a great Paw-Paw.

Well my bag is finally packed and the outfits that we have chose are in the bag as well.  We even threw in a receiving blanket that someone will bring home to big brother Jagrrr and the rest of the kids to smell so that they have the scent of their little brother or sister.  I think I am finally all prepared for the arrival of our little one.  We have the bassinet up and ready and also the Pack & Play.  Diapers are placed around the house for easy access and also the car seat carrier is all ready to go.  Clothes and blankets all washed up as well.  Granny will still have to do some washing once we know the gender of the baby and size of this little monster.  But as of right now we are all good to go.  Now we are just on a waiting game to see when we will finally meet our little bundle of joy.

The evening of Wednesday, March 7th and all day Thursday, March 8th I started feeling contractions.  I called my doctor and they told me to start tracking the contractions.  The contractions we 30 minutes apart lasting about 10 minutes each.  The only thing that I thought was strange was that I was not in any pain.  I called my mom and we spoke throughout the day.  After talking to the doctor and his nurse a couple of times my mom decided to leave Houston and drive up here just in case anything was to happen.  The contractions lasted through the day I decided that since I was having the contractions that I would take it easy for now on.  I stayed at work the rest of the day Thursday but decided to not work Friday and anymore until the baby arrives.  Everyone at work was amazed that I was having contractions and working at the same time.  But again that is me being hard headed.  Since I wasn't in any pain I was going to stay at work.  These contractions are more pressure and my belly getting rock hard than pain.  I was thinking that at first I might be dehydrated so I started drinking more and more water to see if the pressure and cramping would stop.  All I did Thursday night was pee every 5 mins then.  Well Friday, March 9th they are still about the same and the timing is about the same too.  So we are just gonna wait and see what happens.  Maybe we might get to meet our bundle of joy soon.  Can't wait!!!!!!!!!

If nothing happens this weekend I have another appointment for next week Tuesday, March 13 so then hopefully since I will be at my 39th week we can, if the baby isn't here already, then maybe schedule inducing.  My mom is going to stay until atleast Tuesday for the appointment if nothing happens.  One thing my doctor said that made us laugh because he is trying to calm me down with humor since I am so scared of the Group B strep situation.  So he told me if I go into labor and have to rush into the hospital then while we are rushing into the hospital Taylor or myself needs to be saying Group B positive and need antibiotics the whole time we are walking in.  I am just hoping that it doesn't get to that.   

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Week 37!!!

37 weeks down and still no baby!!!! :-)

My Birthday came and went. I was able to enjoy my parents with me for my birthday and we just spent the day just the 4 of us doing really nothing but laying around the house and getting stuff ready for the baby. We went out to eat later that night to my favorite place Benihana's. And it sure was yummy!!!!  Then at home later that night we ate cake.  I really enjoyed my birthday because I was surrounded by loved ones and just relaxing.  What a great day we all had!!

Normally at Benhiana's they take a picture for your Birthday but for some reason they couldn't something about the camera so my mom just took a picture of me and Taylor with my phone not the best picture but at least I got something.

Went to the doctor Tuesday 2/28/12 and everything was still right on track haven't really changed from last week.  The doctor did say that my cervix is very soft and ready for this baby when it's ready to join us in the world.  He told me to start talking to my belly and to tell the baby "come on lets go" we want to meet you.  :-)  The doctor is thinking that the baby will be here the week of March 10th.  February 29th came and went and I was so happy for that I kept telling everyone that I am going to keep my legs crossed and not let this baby have a Leap Year birthday.  I would have loved to share my birthday with my child that would have been such a special gift I think. I wasn't looking forward to going into labor on Leap Year so I am happy that day came and went. Now I will be happy with any date.

While going through the baby's stuff and setting things up Taylor tried on a carrier that we had and wanted to see if it worked.  He looks so cute with that precious baby we had!!!!!  I think she looks just like her Daddy!!!!  :-)

Taylor, my mom and I also went through some of Landon's stuff and got that out as well.  We also washed some clothes, sheets, and blankets and also got the bassinet and pack & play out and all ready to go.  We are getting closer and closer to D-Day and wanted to have some things ready.  I still have a lot of clothes to wash and tons of blankets and sheets.  But I only wanted to wash a few things just because one we don't know the gender of the baby and also how big this kiddo will be.  Don't want to wash things we will not be using. 

I am feeling this baby move a lot and I have started feeling a little strange but again like I told the doctor I have never been 37 weeks pregnant so I don't know what normal feels like.  Landon was born at 35 weeks.  What is funny with Taylor is that I can't have a strange expression on my face without him asking me if I am ok.  Monday evening after my parents left and we were just relaxing before we went out again looking for a crib.  Because I wanted to show Taylor a couple that me and mom found earlier that day.  I was laying in my recliner and I had realized that I haven't felt the baby move for a couple of hours.  And the strange thing was that I had a huge lump and my stomach was hard as a rock.  I got a little scared.  So I went to lay down in our bed and try to reposition the baby and see if that would help.  After about 10 minutes of laying there and rubbing my belly I started feeling the baby move again.  At first I was getting nervous at that moment and then I started laughing because mom and dad had only been gone for about 2 hours.  And I didn't want to have to call them to tell them to turn around.  Luckily nothing happened.  I am hoping that this kiddo will give them time to be there at the hospital.

We go back to the doctor Tuesday, March 6th so we will see what he has to say then.  People all around me are getting anxious and ready for me to have this kiddo.  My customers are even asking me at work how much longer and that I better call them and let them know.  I am so lucky that I have so many people that care about me and our family.