Saturday, November 26, 2011

Week 22

This week has been crazy because it is the week of Thanksgiving.  I haven't been able to really relax.  I am so Thankful for a healthy baby and my wonderful family. 

As of this week I have about 120 more days to go and the baby is weighing in at around 1 lb.  Any changes you might ask, well not too many just that this kiddo is sitting very very low and hurting my lower stomach a lot.  I am now wearing a belly support that Taylor laughs at me every time I put it on.  I am also dealing with a lot of lower back pain.  Nothing I can't handle just very uncomfortable and this in the long run is all well worth every moment.  The baby is moving and kicking a lot more this week.  I try to get Taylor to feel but still nothing yet.  I am still dealing with the heartburn, acid reflux, and a lot of burping.  I have found out that the baby doesn't like anything fried.  Luckily it doesn't cause me to get sick and throw up it just makes me have really bad acid indigestion.

We have decided on both a girl and boy name.  I am so excited for that.  Boy name was so easy for both Taylor and I.  It was the girl name that was giving us problems.  I had a list going and the funny thing is that the name wasn't even on the list.  But I know I still have a couple of months left so these names can still change.  :-)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Week 21

133 more days to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ok so that sounds like a long time but in reality it's only a few short months.  With all the excitement of the holidays just around the corner the time will fly by like nothing else.

This week I am feeling more and more of the baby moving around.  Still no hard kicking but that will come in time.  It still amazes me of the feeling that we as moms get to feel.  I just wish that Taylor could feel it just once to understand the joy I am feeling.  I sit there and start laughing to myself or out loud when the baby starts moving around.  At night when laying in bed I try to hold my hand with a little pressure on my belly to see if I can feel the baby moving or if I can tell what position the baby is in at that moment.  But nothing yet.  I still just feel everything inside, no movement outside yet.  The whole process still amazes me of what we become of. 

From what I am reading they state that the baby is already starting to establish a regular sleep cycle and dreaming.  Also that the baby is the size of a banana so approximately the baby is 11" and 15oz.

So I started thinking about what foods I have been craving this time around.  Chips and Salsa is still something I am craving.  But whats different with this pregnancy is that I am craving water and apples.  I want to eat healthy which makes me happy.  Because with Landon it was sweets and junk food.  I still have a sweet tooth but not as bad.  I think Taylor is just rubbing off on me with his sweet tooth, because I never use to eat a lot of sweets. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Week 20

Well I am officially at my halfway mark of the pregnancy and I can't believe it. Only a few more months and we see our beautiful child for the first time ever. I can't wait for that moment!!!!!! I am still experiencing indigestion and heartburn my best friend for both pregnancies has been my TUMS Smoothies. I am also still so tired. When does the 2nd trimester energy happen?

I have a lot to get done and only a few months to do so. I still can't figure out what room to use as the nursery. I'm hoping that my mom during the week of Thanksgiving can help me organize everything that I have to see what I still need. After Landon passed away I couldn't handle all the baby stuff around the house so we gathered it all up and took most of everything back and stuff I kept my mom boxed up. I still have all the blankets and towels because I washed everything. I also have some clothing but not much. I am starting to make a list of things I know that I will need and of the items that I know we took back. It will be hard opening up all the boxes again. But I will be fine. I am a strong person and I have a great support system that lets me cry when need too. My parents are so excited for this new addition to our family. My mom can't wait to be yet another grandma. And I can't wait to see my dad play with this one and enjoy this one as much as he enjoyes Julie and Jayla. I love watching him enteract with the kids. Brings out the big kid he is. :). Makes me sad though because they didn't get to have these moments with Landon. I cry sometimes when I see them enjoying the girls and knowing that they are missing someone. But now they will have another one to enjoy.

Taylor and I are already talking about names and we have agreed on the Boy names just not on the Girl names. We had a girl name picked out for when I was pregnant with Landon and now I don't even like that name. Thank god he was a Boy. I know names are hard but who would have guessed that it would be this hard. I want a name that flows well with Marie since my sister and I had said that we would use our middle names for our first girls. So Julie has my middle name and if this is a girl she would have Sheila’s middle name. Both Taylor and I agree that we want a traditional name that will grow with the child. I have asked many people to give me ideas and I have started a list, but then Taylor reads the list and starts deleting them. We will eventually come up with a perfect girl name and all will be happy. Hey it was the week before Landon was born that Taylor and his Aunt Sheila named him. I had no clue of a boy’s name then.

We went to the doctor today (Tuesday 11/8/11) and my doctor is pleased with everything.  Baby is growing perfectly.  The heart beat is perfect he says and the baby's position is normal for a week 20 pregnancy.  We go back to the doctor in 4 weeks.  :-)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Exciting News 19 Weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So our life is now officially going to change in the next few months.  We finally went to the doctor on Monday, October 24th and confirmed that we are expecting our second bundle of joy, due March 2012.  Seeing the baby on the screen brought back a lot of memories and brought out a lot of emotions and feelings, and yes I cried.  Who wouldn't after what I went through with Landon?  I am so torn with my feelings of excitement and fear.  Everyone is happy for us and wanting to know the sex but again we are not going to find out the sex of this baby either.  It's the excitement of not knowing that I love the most.  When asked "What do I want" the only response that I have is that I want a Healthy baby that we bring HOME!!!!!!!!!! 

All the excitement and joy of being pregnant is starting again.  I have started feeling the baby move and kick and all my morning sickness is gone.  When people have told me before that each pregnancy is different they are correct.  I have been dealing with massive migraines with this pregnancy more often than with Landon.  But with Landon I was sick for 3 months straight and with this one it was just a couple of weeks of morning sickness.  Thank goodness for that.  I don't have a lot of energy and get tired very easily.  I also have been sick more now than I have ever been in the last couple of years.  First I came down with a serve sinus infection that lasted almost a month and then last weekend I had to deal with a server stomach virus.  I guess my immune system is outta whack this year. 

Skull Shot

Ok so back to Baby Vaughn # 2, both doctors that we have seen are very pleased with the growth of the baby.  My doctor (Dr. George Branning) sent me to a High Risk specialist (Dr. David Gore) to monitor the progress of the baby to make sure everything was going good.  I will not have to see the High Risk doctor again unless my doctor thinks otherwise.  Monday 10/24/11 the baby was not being cooperative at all with the sonogram the doctor only got shots of the heart, top of the head, and one leg.  Then Tuesday 10/25/11 the baby was happier having its picture taken because we got face shots, profile and full body.  So we were happy to be able to see the baby.  It still amazes me of the technology options we have now.  I loved just watching the baby move around all over the place.  My doctor wants to see me every 2 weeks so my next appointment will be Tuesday, November 8th.