Saturday, February 25, 2012

Week 36

OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am getting closer and closer to the end.  I went to the doctor Monday, 2/20/12 while walking from the parking lot to the building they called me to let me know that the doctor was sick and that we needed to reschedule.  So I rescheduled my visit for the next day.  Tuesday, 2/21/12 was my doctors visit and as of right now I am dilated to 1cm and the doctor is happy with that.  He is hoping that I stay that way for the next couple of weeks.  The heart beat is still really strong and is everything that the doctor is wanting to hear.  No more stress per the doctor so that this kiddo can keep cooking and grow healthier.  So I will be relaxing more at work and having more and more people do things for me instead of me doing the tasks.  That is very hard for me to do but the health of me and my child is more important.

Since I am at week 36 I am starting to get nervous I am starting to worry about everything that we went through with Landon and hoping that it doesn't happen again.  When speaking with the doctor Tuesday I asked him at which point can we schedule me for inducing but he doesn't want to schedule anything until I am dilated further.  I am just scared that next week I will be dilated further and it will be to late again.  I know that what I went through with Landon probably wont happen again but if you have ever been in that situation then you understand my worries and feeling and if not then you have no clue what I am going through and probably do not understand my worries.  People have asked me why I have not posted anything about my pregnancy on Facebook or really talked about the pregnancy a lot.  Well for me what I went through and the excitement and joy of this pregnancy has been covered up with fear.  How I feel is completely understanding to some people and they completely agree with how I have handled it.  I will post about the baby and speak more freely when our baby is safe, healthy and home.  I keep getting the same question through this whole pregnancy about what sex/gender I want.  Well if you have ever been in my shoes then you will understand my response to everyone that asks me.  My response has always been that I don't care the sex/gender of the child just as long as our baby comes home and is healthy.  So until we are home and I am at ease with everything we are not talking publicly about anything.  Yes or course family, close friends and my customers and employees know about it but just random people on Facebook and any other aquatints we may have just will find out once our bundle of joy is home and safe in our arms.  If you walk into our home you will still notice all the baby stuff in its boxes and that nothing is set up.  Well that again in another way that I show my fear.  I am to scared to set anything up or wash anything and even start to get ready for the arrival home.  I am just so scared of heartbreak again.  I have started packing a bag and Taylor did get the highchair out and set it up because he wanted to.  I am just to scared to do anything and I am always wanting someone there to help me I don't like doing stuff alone when it comes to the set-up.  I have joked that my mom will be washing everything the night before we are to come home.  It is my way of still having the fear but joking about it at the same time. 

At 36 weeks the baby is now around 18½ inches long and nearly 6 pounds—just about as big as a breadbox!  We are getting closer and closer, they now say at the end of this week, that the baby will be considered full-term.  WOO HOO!!!!!!  The funny thing is in everything that I am reading about week 36 it states that the baby has little room to move; so I will not feel it as vigorously as I did in the last weeks.  Well that is totally wrong with this kiddo because this kiddo is moving around a lot more and hasn't really been sleeping much.  I hope that doesn't mean anything once the baby gets hear.  Because this Momma wants to be able to sleep!!!  Also I found out through reading that the baby’s bones are completely hardened and acquire a solid structure through which it can now make a grand entry into the new world. The muscle tone is also improved by this week and the baby’s gums will become very rigid.  This week I have felt a little different then the last couple of weeks.  My lower back is aching a lot more and I can't get comfortable when sleeping.  I am also starting to walk slower and slower.  There are other things going on with my body that make me feel like this kiddo will be here anytime now.

As you can see this week there was a drastic change I did to my hair.  Yes I finally cut all my hair off.  It was getting to thick and to long.  That is so funny for me to even be saying because if you know me I am not one to have short hair but my hair was drying out and to frizzy.  So I decided to cut it all off.  I also treated myself to a Mani & Pedi for the first time in almost 2 1/2 years.  It felt so good to finally do something for me and very relaxing.  The main reason for the Pedi was because I couldn't bend down and over to paint or even trim my toes.  So the hair cut and the Mani & Pedi were kind of an early Birthday gift to myself.  Because this coming Sunday, February 26 is my 32nd birthday.  :-) 

I see the doctor next Tuesday, February 28th so we will see then what he has to say.  Hopefully we can schedule something so both Taylor and I can finally meet our baby soon.  We can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Week 35

I can't believe that I have less than a month to go.  If this kiddo is anything like it's big brother then we are just on a waiting game until the arrival of our new bundle of joy.

This week started off really bad and just seem to not lighten up any on me and my stress levels.  I started off this week with a really bad gallbladder attack and ended the week with a lot of stress from work.  I just wanted to be left a lone and have my phone smashed and thrown off a bridge into a lake.  This coming Monday I will be going to the doctor so at least I can handle the gallbladder problems.  But the work issues well that is an ongoing problem.  But I need to think of myself and my baby and that is all.  I can not have stress in my life because then that will cause problems with me and my child and I can't have that happen again.  When my gallbladder attacks happen I at least know what is going on but I am so scared that it is going to cause problems with the baby.  I get scared and for the whole next day I worry and making sure that I can feel the baby still moving.  I will be asking the doctor if the attacks can harm the baby and what are the risks that can happen.  Poor Taylor is always so sweet to me and wants me to not be in pain.  He kept asking me if I wanted him to call an ambulance or have him rush me to the ER but by the time either the ambulance got to me or we got to the hospital the attack would be over and I would just want to be left alone.  I am so glad that Taylor knows me and loves me the way he does.  I am a very difficult person to live with when I am not feeling good and the best thing is to just leave me alone and he understands that completely. 

My D-Day is sneaking up on us, and most of the women would probably start to get nervous about what pain they are going to be in during delivery.  Well that is not what I am dealing with.  I am actually thinking of doing this all natural again.  I've done it once why not again.  But instead of focusing on the "ouch!" of it all, I am getting excited on meeting our baby for the first time.  The questions of "Boy" or "Girl" will then be answered and then the joy of seeing our beautiful baby for the first time.  The happiness that I will get to see on my parents face that they are grandparents again.  Handing my dad his grandchild for the first time and see the joy in his eyes.  I am also so excited to see Taylor holding his child in his loving arms.  Those are the moments that I look forward to seeing.  My fears are still can I do this and will I be a good mommy. 

At week 35 they say that the baby is roughly around 5 plus pounds and about 20 inches long.  They say that the baby is not doing much moving around but this kiddo is still the little soccer player that I have had all through this pregnancy.  I still enjoy every punch, kick, and whatever else this kiddo throws at me.  The only thing unusual that I am noticing is that I am having this really strange burning feeling on my skin under my right boob.  But the funny thing is that Taylor and I both thought that it might be my bra rubbing but there is not a rash or any red irritation to the skin.  Then I started to think and I will confirm this with my doctor but I am thinking that it is the baby up against my ribs.  Because it doesn't burn all day and when I notice the burning feeling it is normally when I feel the baby's foot or whatever it is in that area.

Well Taylor and I are starting to get things ready and packed for the rush to the hospital.  I am hoping that this kiddo will give us more time to get ready but we are prepared to rush if need to.  We still haven't set up the nursery but I am in no rush because for the first couple of months the baby will be in a bassinet in our room.  And for the fact that we still haven't really picked out a crib.  I know we need to but again the ones we like are not in the stores to view, only online. 

Next weekend is my 32nd birthday and I have said that it would be a great blessing to have a beautiful baby on my birthday so that we can share that day together. 

If Monday the doctor tells me that I am starting to dilate I am going to ask him if he would think to induce me just so that we can get everything that the baby needs for a safe delivery.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Week 33/34

40 Days to GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Monday, February 6th we went to the doctor and actually got to see the baby again.  I was happy to see this little kiddo again.  I mean I can feel it moving but to actually see it is so happy.  My heart just melts with Love for this baby.  So the first picture is a face shot and I am already in love, the second is a hand, and the third picture is actually the umbilical cord measurements.  I learned a lot today about what the doctors look at when doing an ultrasound.  My doctor is amazing because he will actually stop and answer any questions that I have at that moment in time.  He was taking readings of the umbilical cord and showing us that the movement of the fluids from me to the baby are really good.  He wants to see the movement on the line either under the line or above the line but not both.  So what you are seeing is prefect.  What the third picture shows is not anything of the baby but of me and the cord.  We also got to hear the heart beat again and everything is sounding good still.   

Ok, so you might be wondering why the post is titled Week 33/34.  Well that is due because my doctor told us that I am a week further along than we thought.  So now my estimated delivery date is March 17th so that makes me at 34 weeks and not 33.  So I skipped a week.  My doctor wants to see me in two weeks, so my next appointment is Monday, February 20th.

I am still dealing with a lot of indigestion and I am hoping that it will all be gone once I deliver this sweet bundle of joy.  I am still on the right track and drinking about 100oz of water a day.  I am still amazed at myself at how well I am doing with that.  But I know that it has to be done so I will do anything to be healthy and to have a healthy baby.  At 34 weeks the baby weighs about 4 3/4 pounds, like an average cantaloupe, and is almost 18 inches long.  The baby is already head down and getting ready for delivery.  From the ultrasound we could see that the baby was in the fetal position but pointing down.  Also I was able to know exactly what party of the baby I was feeling and what was kicking me.  Above and to my right of the belly button is it's butt and feet, so I was joking and saying I can start spanking that little butt when I get kicked.

This week at work I had a smile on my face because one of my little guys was very comfortable laying on my belly and I had to share these pictures.  I tried to get the picture of Lucky when he would actually rest his head on my belly but he would move everytime I would bring my phone up to take a picture.  It was also funny to see his reaction when the baby started kicking and moving and he was still laying on me.  Love the looks on the dogs faces when they get kicked by the baby and they are trying to figure out what is going on. 

We will see what the doctor saying in two weeks and hopefully I am still on the right track and not starting to dilate any.  I want to keep this little one in as long as possible.  But I am getting excited to see that beautiful little precious face for the first time.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Week 32

This week has been a very busy week.  Not much activity going on with the baby.  All is well and going smooth.  The baby is kicking a lot and moving around.  I am still drinking tons of water.  Friday I actually woke up with another bladder infection and oh how unhappy that made me.  I loaded up on more and more SmartWater and Gatorade.  I am still watching what I eat because anything and everything here lately seems to be causing me problems either with my acid indigestion or gallbladder.  Oh the fun of those two.  They are estimating that the baby weighs as much as a large jicama -- about 3 3/4 pounds.  Ok now if you are anything like me I had to look up what a jicama was, and I quickly found it out that a Jicama is a crispy, sweet, edible root that resembles a turnip in physical appearance.  This baby is about 16 3/4 inches long from head to heel.  There is one thing that is funny that I have noticed about me in the last couple of weeks mostly more this week though is that I have a wheezing sound coming out when I breath through my mouth.  I am not a person that can breath good through my nose so I always breath through my mouth and now it is getting harder and harder to do that and then now I sound funny.  Taylor and I started laughing at one point because it sounds funny.  It actually reminds us of Landon and his sounds he made with all the tubing in his mouth.  My mom said that I did it some growing up but that it must be the baby and the way I am carrying it that is causing the noise.  There is a lot going on this week that Taylor laughs at me about.  Especially the more frequent potty breaks that I have to do.  Sometimes I think he wants me to pee myself because we can be talking and he gets me to start laughing and then when I get up because I have to pee he wont let me.  Then I start laughing, wheezing, and coughing and then he finally lets me up to go.  

Saturday 2/4/12 we went to Miles' first birthday party.  I was in some pain due to the gallbladder but had a great time.  But the most amazing thing happened that night while at the hotel room with my family that came in for my Baby shower on Sunday 2/5/12.  We were all sitting in the hotel room cutting up and laughing and I guess this kiddo wanted to get involved in the conversation.  Because all of a sudden I could see my belly move and the movement kept going.  At one point it had to of been a foot or knee or something but my belly just kinda of rolled and my cousin Tanya could see it from across the room.  Sheila got a large kick which made her smile big.  It was so good to see how much this kiddo enjoyed our laughs and conversations.  All night my belly was dancing and the baby was having a good ole time.  Can't wait for the baby to actually meet all of the family.

Sunday 2/5/12 was my baby shower and it was a blast.  Amanda & Misty worked so hard getting everything ready.  We played a couple of games the first one was I had to answer questions about the upcoming arrival of our baby but the trick was that I had to answer them the way Taylor would have answered them.  Sadly I only got 4 questions correct.  Then they had a memory game and it was hilarious.  There's a whole new meaning behind candy bars we eat now after playing this game.  We had wonderful cake and food and I received lots and lots of gifts for our new addition.

I am so excited Monday, 2/6/12 I get to see the baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!