Monday, April 23, 2012

Week 3

This week started out with a lot of traveling and going places.  We were in Houston for the first part of the week and Christopher got to meet a lot of his family.  First of all on Saturday, April 7th he got to go see where his big brother Landon is buried and that was hard for me.  A special moment but very sad at the same time.  Then later on that day we took him to meet his Great-Great Aunt and Uncle.  That was a very happy moment seeing him in the arms of my dad's Aunt Agnes.  It was a very nice visit and I am glad we were able to do that so that I could also see them since it has been a couple of years.

Easter Sunday with the Family

Since it was Christopher's first holiday I wanted to make sure we went home for our annual family Easter gathering.  I am so glad that we did because I loved showing him off and spending time with my family.  Everyone was so happy to see Christopher and they couldn't wait too hold him.  I only got to hold him when it was time to feed him.  I love every minute that I get to spend time with my family and this year was extra special because Christopher was here. 

Monday was just a relaxing day at home and then Tuesday we drove back to Dallas.  And again Christopher was perfect the whole way only fussing right when we got into Dallas.  He is such a great traveler.  Tuesday night was the first time I had actually been gone from him.  Me and my dad went and got dinner and mom told us to just eat it there and just bring her something back and she stayed home with Christopher.  I was sad leaving him but I knew he was in good hands. 

We got his PKU test results back this week and everything came back perfect and normal.  I am so glad everything is going right on track with my baby boy. 

Week 2

This was my first week alone with him and it was nice to just be able to bond with my son.  I love him so much and love watching the different things he does.

Over the weekend while changing his diaper his bell cap fell off.  I was kind of nervous to clean the area but they said once it falls off by its self than you are fine.  I was also lucky because he was going back to the doctor this week for his check up anyway.  So she could look at it and tell me if I needed to do anything.  This also gave me a chance to have her look at his belly button since it had been bleeding some during the week. 

At his doctors visit on Wednesday, April 4, 2012 she was pleased once again at his weight gain.  His weight was 6 lbs and 7oz and 20 1/2 inches long.  His head circumference was at 13.5 inches.  I also had her check his belly button and circumcision area's.  Everything looked good, she said that the belly button will bleed for awhile until it completely heals.  We also had to go back to the Hospital for his last PKU newborn blood test.  We don't have to take him back to the doctor until he is 2 months old.  His reports make me so happy because I feel like I am not always doing things right but then we come to the doctor and see how well he is gaining weight and everything and it makes me so much more relaxed.

I gave him another bath this week and again he loved it so much. I am so happy with him and his bathing experiences. I would have thought a baby would just cry and cry the whole time during their bath. This just makes me so happy that I am now going to make sure we get him into the swimming classes as soon as we can.

Thursday my dad came up so that he could drive us down to Houston for our annual Easter family gathering.  Since Taylor had to work.  We left Friday late morning after stopping by daddy's work so that Taylor could see Christopher before we left.  Christopher loves riding in the car.  I was thinking that he would cry at some point during the ride but he was a really good boy.  We did stop in Madisonville and ate lunch and I changed his diaper and let him stretch out.

I love seeing all the facial expressions Christopher does.  He is such a happy boy and I am enjoying being his mom.  Motherhood is precious and I am enjoying ever minute of it.  He smiles so much and it just melts my heart every time.     

This week I was wanting to compare Christopher's size to something.  All this time having Frankie I have thought how little he was until I had him lay next to Christopher and I got this shot.

1st Week Home

Home with our Sweet Baby Boy

After being in the hospital a couple of days by Sunday, March 25th we were ready to go home.  At first Christopher did not like the car seat but then he calmed down.  He loved the car ride home.  I was a little frightened to leave and not have the hospital nurses there at all time but I was happy to go home and be home with my little boy.  Being a mom is such a wonderful thing and being home with him even felt better. 

We had many visitors come to the hospital and meet our little guy and Taylor and I were happy to show him off. 

Christopher had his hearing test in the hospital and he passed with flying colors.  We laughed when she was getting him ready because he looked like he had headphones on and listening to music.

The first week home I was so happy to have my mom here with me to help us if we needed anything.  She cooked, cleaned and did anything that was needed not letting me do anything.  I am so grateful that she was able to stay with us and help out.  She is a life saver.  And yes she loved getting to spend the time with Christopher.  I love seeing her walk over to where he is and just look at him and smile.  His Granny loves him so much.

When we left the hospital Christopher's discharge weight was 5lbs 13oz.  Which is a 5% weight loss from his birth weight.  At 5 days old we went in for his first doctors visit with Dr. Laura Harn and she was so pleased with him.  His weight was 6lbs 3oz which made her very happy because he was passed his birth weight and normally babies don't do that especially breastfeeding babies.  I am now able to not wake him up every 2 to 3 hours during the night to feed him and let him sleep until he wakes up.  His length was 19 1/2 inches long and head circumference was 13.25 inches.  We go back next week for his two week old check-up.

The rest of the week was just getting use to having him home.  He had his first bath at home and this boy loves getting a bath.  I am so surprised that he didn't scream once I placed him in the water.  He just laid there smiling.  Hopefully that will last and he will love bath time.  Friday when changing his diaper I noticed that his umbilical cord fell off.  I did love seeing that only at a week old he was able to hold and put his pacifier in his mouth.  I put the paci in his mouth and it fell out and he put it in his mouth and then held it there for awhile.  Such a big boy at such a young age.

Week 40!!!!

Well the waiting game is still on and I have now reached my 39th/40th week.  Which ever week this is now, since the due date keep changing.  I went to the doctor on Wednesday, March 21st and I am now at 3cm.  The heart beat is still going strong and healthy.  I actually have recorded the last 2 heart beats on my phone while the doctor was listening to it.  After the doctor checked me out he said that we will need to schedule something for next week and he walked out.  Taylor and I looked at each other and kind of smiled because we were finally getting some kind of due date.  Well the doctor came back in and discussed that he put me on a waiting list for my inducement from Thursday, March 29th to Thursday, April 5th.  They will give me a call a day before to let me know when to come in.  I know, a waiting list for having a baby sounds crazy to me too.  But good news is that since I have dilated to 3cm already he doesn't think that I will make it to next Thursday or further.  After the doctor checked me out and he walked out he had me clean up and get dressed I noticed that I was bleeding a little bit and it scared me.  So I asked him about the bleeding and he said that he scrapped the membrane and also checked the baby so that is why I would be bleeding and also I would have some mild cramping.  It scared me for a bit.  He actually apologized for not warning me first since he knew that it was going to happen.  He also said that the baby was floating good, whatever that means.  He had me schedule another doctors appointment for Tuesday, March 27th at 10am just in case I have not had this kiddo by then.  Crossing my fingers and going to walk a lot more to try and have this kiddo soon.  This Momma is getting anxious. 

Something that I am excited about it that for the last couple of doctors visit I have not gained any weight I have stayed the same weight for at least 2 months now, if it isn't the same weight it is less.  So hopefully that means this baby is not going to be huge.  From looking at me in my point of view I am huge but then I have looked at other ladies that are in the office and it is really all belly.  I hope I am able to lose this baby weight fast and be back to a normal weight for me.

Drum Roll Please

It's a Boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012 I wasn't feeling to good all day and when I went to bed I tried to get comfortable, never even going to sleep.  I felt a really strange kick from the kiddo and then 10 to 15 minutes later to my surprise at 1:10 am March 23, 2012 my water breaks.  And when I say breaks I mean OMG!!!!! I didn't know I could hold that much fluid.  I got Taylor to come into the bedroom to tell him and then I called my parents.  I felt bad because I woke them up but I wanted to get them on the road as soon as possible. Taylor and I calmly got things together and we both took showers.  I wasn't in any pain so I told him to not rush. 

We got to the Hospital about 45 minutes after my water broke and they got me into a room.  Luckily I was still in no pain they started getting me ready and putting in the IV's and things.  I made sure to remind them that Dr. Branning wanted them to treat me as a Group B positive patient.  I settled into my room (Room: LDR4) and called my parents once again to let them know and to see where they were.  Then around 3am the nurse (Nurse: Leslie) came into check me I was still only 3 cm dilated so they suggested I get some rest.  Well, rest was not on my mind the pain started to come and then at around 5am it started to get worse.  My parents got to the hospital at around 6:30am and thankfully my mom was there because I started to get sick and the pain started to worsen.  At 7am it was shift change and my day Nurse was Shannon and she helped with everything from there on.  At 7:30 the anesthesiologist came in for my epidural.  But before they gave me the epidural they gave me some other medicine to try to calm the pain of the contractions.  Once she put the meds in my IV she said that I will be happy in no time and feeling like I had a couple of margarita's and she was right.  I was getting asked questions and I could barely answer them and I would look at my mom and Taylor and they were laughing at me because I looked drunk.  Once the epidural kicked in my nurse started me on pushing.  I only pushed for a little while then she called the doctor to come in and finish.  She said at one point that I needed to stop pushing because she didn't want to deliver the baby.  Funny they tell you to push and then they tell to to stop because he was coming way to fast.  Christopher Landon Vaughn was born at 8:56am. 

The labor was quick and easy just like my first delivery but this time the doctor had problems with my placenta.  The umbilical cord broke off of the placenta and the placenta went back into my body.  It took the doctor over an hour to remove the placenta.  Glad I got the epidural!!! 

Christopher is healthy and happy.  He got his first bath in the room with us.  About 2 hours after Christopher was born and getting everything done with me and him in the labor room they moved us to my postpartum room (Room: 271).  After getting settled in we finally were able to have our family join us and for them to meet our beautiful son.

 Christopher Landon Vaughn
6lbs 1.7 oz.
19 inches long

Our nurses for the rest of the day were day nurse for me Sonya and nursery nurse was Misi (Melissa) and then at 7pm was shift change and my nurse was Kandy and nursery nurse was Jennifer.