Monday, April 23, 2012

Week 3

This week started out with a lot of traveling and going places.  We were in Houston for the first part of the week and Christopher got to meet a lot of his family.  First of all on Saturday, April 7th he got to go see where his big brother Landon is buried and that was hard for me.  A special moment but very sad at the same time.  Then later on that day we took him to meet his Great-Great Aunt and Uncle.  That was a very happy moment seeing him in the arms of my dad's Aunt Agnes.  It was a very nice visit and I am glad we were able to do that so that I could also see them since it has been a couple of years.

Easter Sunday with the Family

Since it was Christopher's first holiday I wanted to make sure we went home for our annual family Easter gathering.  I am so glad that we did because I loved showing him off and spending time with my family.  Everyone was so happy to see Christopher and they couldn't wait too hold him.  I only got to hold him when it was time to feed him.  I love every minute that I get to spend time with my family and this year was extra special because Christopher was here. 

Monday was just a relaxing day at home and then Tuesday we drove back to Dallas.  And again Christopher was perfect the whole way only fussing right when we got into Dallas.  He is such a great traveler.  Tuesday night was the first time I had actually been gone from him.  Me and my dad went and got dinner and mom told us to just eat it there and just bring her something back and she stayed home with Christopher.  I was sad leaving him but I knew he was in good hands. 

We got his PKU test results back this week and everything came back perfect and normal.  I am so glad everything is going right on track with my baby boy. 

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